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To share what we have through nature and culture.

- The Philosophy of Rice is symbolized in ICC's logo, as people gain more knowledge , skill, experience, money and power,
   they should stay humble and share what they have with others like rice plants bending more downward as they becoming filled
   with more rice kernels.


Connecting People to Nature & Culture.

- To promote environmental awareness.
- To exchange cultures.


2010 - Grand opening on 05th Nov.
            ICC support young artists by holding "Young Sculptor Competition" based on our vision.

2011 - Art gallery exhibition.
           "Bunga-bunga Impian" by Mikke Susanto.
           "Memoir of Rice" by Stefan Buana.

2012 - ICC supported the community with "1,000 Durian program to restore name of village Duren Sewu".

2013 - ICC open hospitality training center.
            ICC helped young generation especially who live in its surroundings to continue their study to get a better job.

2014 - "Window of K-Art" exhibition at National Museum Jakarta.

2015 - ICC give support in training Organic farm for surrounding villagers.

2015 - ICC hospitality training center class 2015.

2016 - “K - Jongie Jupgi” (Paper Folding Art) culture festival.

2017 - ICC support surrounding by giving “ Kendaraan Angkut Sampah” to Desa Duren Sewu.

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